Saturday, May 18, 2013

^ Walking Disaster: A Novel Price

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Not for me...from an obsessed Beautiful Disaster fan
First of all, I loved Beautiful it in one sitting, then reread my favorite parts many times. So, I was honestly excited to hear the story from Travis's perspective. That being said, with the exception of a few passages, I found this book very boring since I've already read it -- in the better form of Beautiful Disaster.

The good: We do get to hear more details about Travis's family, which was nice. We also get to learn about what Travis was thinking in Vegas fighting, and his feelings during the break-up after Vegas. For me, these were the only enlightening parts of the story, where we learn something new. And most importantly, we get a really sweet, if slightly disjointed, Epilogue. This was the best part of the book for me since it was original material, and even if I didn't think it necessarily made sense with the story, it was very cute.

The bad: The first book was very dialogue-driven, so this book is a ton of the...

Walking Disaster: A Novel

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