Friday, May 17, 2013

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Are you making fun of me?
Dear Publisher:

Are you serious with this book? As I read I kept picturing a publisher meeting where you all sat around discussing how you need more "Fifty Shades" books. Then some exec said "who owes us a book? Surely we've paid an advance to someone who can whip up a series for us." Do y'all even read these type of books? Because honestly, this entire book I felt like you were making fun of me as a reader. "We can publish anything with sex in it! These broads will buy it (figuratively & literally)."

The plot of this book was ludicrous. I'm willing to buy into most any love story. I bought into Rush with Gabe & Mia. But Jace & Bethany... are you kidding me? He has a threesome with her with his best friend ONE night & he's so enamored with her he searches the city to find her? Please. Then he plucks her out of a homeless shelter declares she's HIS (cause they spent 3 hours together two weeks ago) & they're together 24/7. Fine, I'll go with...

Fever (The Breathless Trilogy)

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